Innovation Support Infrastructure

Industrial Parks (IP)

There are four industrial parks (IP):

  • Greenfield territory from 15 to 219 ha (corresponding to the investor requirements);
  • All necessary physical infrastructure;
  • Tax incentives.

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Free economic zones

Lithuania’s two free economic zones – Kaunas FEZ and Klaipėda FEZ –  are located in the country’s economically important centres and provide favourable conditions for developing business activities by offering prepared industrial sites with physical and/or legal infrastructure, support services, and tax incentives. More…

Science and Technology Parks

Lithuanian business enterprises create new products in conjunction with Lithuanian and foreign scientific institutions.

Lithuania’s  9 science and technology parks (STP) offer favourable infrastructure for the establishment of new innovative businesses in Lithuania and serve as a convenient space for business enterprises, scientists and students to combine their knowledge, experience and ideas, and lead to the development of innovations as well as initiating and implementing numerous business projects.

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Integrated Science, Studies and Business Centres (Valleys)

Currently, the process of establishing Valleys is actively progressing in Lithuania. Five science, studies and business centres (valleys), where R&D work in particular fields will be carried out, are being developed in the country. The Ministry of Economy allocated over LTL 99 million for the implementation of Lithuanian Valley infrastructure projects under the Measure Inogeb LT-2 of the EU Structural Funds assistance for 2007-2013.

Last updated: 30-09-2015