Adviser to the Minister of Economy appointed


2017 01 09


Today, Adviser to the Minister of Economy Jolita Gumaniukienė is taking on her duties. She will be in charge of the issues related to the policy of state-owned enterprises and the improvement of business environment.

Before now, 46 years old Jolita Gumaniukienė was the Head of the Property Division at the Jonava District Municipality Administration. She has previously worked for AB Šiaulių Bankas and AB Ūkio Bankas.

Jolita Gumaniukienė has acquired a qualifying degree of Master of Public Administration from Kaunas University of Technology and a qualifying degree of Bachelor of Chemical Engineering from Kaunas University of Technology.

Since December 2016, Sergejus Tichomirovas and Mindaugas Janulionis have also been appointed Advisers to the Minister of Economy. Sergejus Tichomirovas is in charge of the advertising of goods and services as well as EU internal market policy while Mindaugas Janulionis is advising on public relations and international issues.