2007-2013 EU assistance

Assistance from European Union Structural Funds and Cohesion Fund is provided to Lithuania in the programming period of 2007-2013 as well. It should be mentioned there are only two structural funds in 2007-2013 programming period: European regional development fund and European social fund, however according to 2007-2013 structural funds regulations Cohesion Fund is managed under the same rules and Cohesion fund could also be treated conditionally as structural fund. European Agricultural Guidance and Guarantee Fund, Guidance Section, and the Financial Instrument for Fisheries Guidance, after Cohesion policy reform, were integrated into the instruments under the Common agricultural policy and the Common fisheries policy, therefore these instruments are not structural funds anymore in programming period of 2007-2013.

European Union structural assistance in 2007-2013 is provided under base of different documents compared to 2004-2006 period. SPD is replaced by several strategic documents on structural assistance:

  • National strategic reference framework: the Lithuanian Strategy for the use of European Union Structural Assistance for 2007-2013 – Strategy defines primary areas of EU structural assistance;
  • Four operational programmes for implementation of this strategy - these programmes define particular intervention areas. Operational programmes are aiming to achieve the objectives set up in the aforementioned strategy.

National strategic documents are in full compliance with:

  • EU structural assistance priorities, which are specified in the Community strategic guidelines on cohesion (text of the guidelines in english, lithuanian);
  • Lithuanian long-term strategies.

EU strustural assistance is provided under new EU regulations, which could be found here.

On 18 December, 2006, Government of the Republic of Lithuania approved projects of four Operational Programmes and made a decision on distribution of structural assistance to Lithuania allocations in percentages among intervention areas (Governmental Resolution of 18 December, 2006, No. 1275 "On amendment of Governmental Resolution of 14 March, 2006, No. 252 „On distribution of responsibilities for administration of 2007-2013 European Union structural assistance, received under convergence objective of European Union cohesion policy, and on formation of Governmental European Union structural assistance committee for decisions on European Union structural assistance for the periods of 2004-2006 and 2007-2013"):

  • Operational Programme for the Development of Human Resources for 2007–2013,
  • Operational Programme for the Economical Growth for 2007–2013 (Description of structural assistance areas Ministry of Economy is responsible for),
  • Operational Programme for Promotion of Cohesion for 2007–2013 (Description of structural assistance areas Ministry of Economy is responsible for), Technical assistance Operational Programme for 2007–2013.

Representatives from national institutions and agencies as well as other partners participated in the preparation of Operational Programmes. Drafts of Operational Programmes were submitted to European Commission and corrected in accordance with comments and proposals received. European Commission has approved all operational programmes of the Republic of Lithuania (EC decisions on approval of operational programmes, only lithuanian text is authentic one).

The investment areas under competence of Ministry of Economy during programming period of 2007-2013 are focused on business, including research & development, business environment, tourism and energy sectors.